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Wool Trainer Cover

wool cover for over the top of trainers or underwear

Classic Noonee Wilga Wool Trainer Cover (sewn sides) - $25.00

Side snap Noonee Wilga Wool Trainer Cover - $25.50

"The woollen cover is great. I was concerned that perhaps it would be a bit bulky and uncomfortable for I. to wear over her training pants, but she had no problems with it and it wasn't bulky at all.

She did wet her pants while she was wearing the cover but her clothes remained dry.

I feel that the cover reliably provides an extra layer of protection, and I'd feel comfortable taking her out wearing it."


This wool cover is a single layer of merino wool interlock with 3% elastane for extra resilience in the fabric.

It is trim and  intended for use over training pants or regular underwear to provide an extra layer of protection against puddles on the floor or wicking into outer clothing. The waist and legs are elasticated for a snug fit. Please note that these are not suitable for use as nappy or diaper covers due to the trim underwear-like cut.

These will be made for you according to the measurements of your child which means that there is no difficulty in fitting a particularly skinny or chunky infant.

To ensure good fit, I request measurements of the child's waist, hip, thigh and straddle/rise (from belly button, down between legs and up to centre back waist). Young children move a lot so can be very difficult to measure easily so further information about the age and approximate weight of the child helps to confirm the measurements.

You can choose from two styles:

  • sewn sides (classic) - easy to pull up and down for toileting $25.00
  • side snapping - slightly easier for removal when soiled but a little more complicated for little ones to pull down and up themselves $25.50

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