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custom made pads

Noonee Wilga cloth pads and liners are effective, ecofriendly, comfortable and economical. Use for menstrual flow, post partum lochia, cup backup, midcycle freshness or mild incontinence. Hand made for you in Australia according to your requirements for shape, length, absorbency, waterproofing and fabrics.

Length range: 19cm - 45cm

* 19 cm – liners and light flow
* 25 cm – moderate flow
* 28 cm – longer pad good for moderate to heavy flow
* 33 cm – post-partum, night time, heavy flow or for those who just like longer pads
* 37 cm – post-partum, night and very heavy flow
* 45 cm – post-partum, night and very heavy flow

Snapped width: 6-7cm for pads 19cm – 28cm; 7-8cm for 33cm - 45cm pads

Styles: tab wing 19cm - 33cm; wrap wing 19cm - 45cm; double snap wing 33cm - 45cm

Absorbency (hemp/organic cotton french terry is standard): liners and light - 1, moderate - 2, heavy - 3.

Waterproofing options: none, PUL, fleece, wool

Quantity - for ordering a number of pads, you may also like to view my pad packs.

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