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Pad making Kits

Make your own cloth pads using fabrics from Noonee Wilga - select outer fabrics, waterproofing and absorbent core.

Each fabric cut in the kit is sufficient to make four pads: one pad each in the 19cm, 25cm, 28cm and 33cm sizes of the Noonee Wilga pattern. Alternatively you can cut 2 x 25cm and 2 x 28cm pads. Noonee Wilga pattern is sold separately. If you are using other patterns, then the numbers and sizes of pads from each cut may differ from this.

Pad making kit

make your pads kit

This kit contains the fabrics (pattern NOT included) to make four cloth pads of the Noonee Wilga amphora style (1 x 19cm, 1 x 25xm, 1 x 28cm, 1 x 33cm) with black cotton drill backing, hidden PUL for waterproofing, pre-cut hemp for absorbency and your choice of ocean crush minkee or bamboo velour (mint, baby blue or candy pink) top fabric. You will need your own thread, scissors, sewing machine (or hand sew), patterns and fasteners. For fasteners (not included), you can use buttons, press-studs, hook loop tape, safety pins or hammer on studs. Alternatively you can buy a pair of snap pliers and polyacetal resin snaps; or send your pads to me including a self-addressed packet and I will apply the resin snaps and return pads to you.

Price: $11.50

Select colour of top fabric:

shape and length

Amphora pads have wide wings that snap around the crotch of your underwear to reduce leakage onto clothing and to keep the pads in place without sliding.

The most popular pad lengths are:pad lengths - 19cm to 33cm

19cm - light flow, midcycle
25cm - light-moderate day, light night
28cm - moderate-heavy day, moderate night
33cm - heavy day, heavy night


Hemp/organic cotton french terry is a trim absorbent natural fibre fabric.

Zorb is a super-absorbent synthetic fibre specialty fabric.


PUL - polyurethane laminate is waterproofing
Poly fleece is moisture resistant
Wool - semi-felted wool interlock
Some people find that no waterproofing is required.


Select fabrics for the top of the pad (against your body) and the bottom (against your underwear). There is a comprehensive discussion of the different fabrics within my Cloth Pad FAQ.

Upper surface: Bamboo velour, cotton velour, Flannelette, minkee, corduroy

Lower surface: Polar fleece (plain, pattern), cotton print

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