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other carers

This section is under construction and will be added as soon as possible. If you have a particular interest in this topic, please email me.

When you need to leave your baby with another carer who is not familiar with EC you have two options:

1. explain how it works and ask the carer to have a go; or

2. pop a nappy on your baby and just do EC when you are able to.

Some carers will be willing to have a go at EC, particularly if you show it in action. Many, if not most, though, will be unwilling to do something like this that is beyond their experience. If that is the case, then do not worry - just as a breast fed baby quickly learns which person can feed him and who won't, your baby will learn who will take them to the potty or toilet.

Don't worry - your baby will not forget while you are away, but it is a good idea to be more aware and offer consistently when you are with your baby. Also make sure to explain to your baby that the babysitter won't be able to take them to the toilet, so it is okay to use the nappy or diaper.

If you have a very clearly signing or verbally capable little one, then it is worth showing the baby sitter or carer the signs and demonstrating how it works occasionally. It is also quite possible that your baby will insist that the babysitter responds to their communication and needs. Once the carer has had one success, they may be won over and be as enthusiastic as you are for doing EC with your little one.