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Customer comments

Fiona wrote:

Over the weekend we went "proper camping" for the first time and of course I got my period. Your custom double snaps, with their 33cm length, were a life saver, especially during the nights.

Of course, I did order other pads to try and I suppose over time you find out your favourites for different times, but yours, with the extra length, made me feel "safe" and the velour was very comfortable.

The other thing is, as a first-time cloth user, it made me realise how much sanitary rubbish this time around was Not going to landfill!

Amanda wrote:

I put the fleece cover straight on the potty and it's made such a difference! My baby seems a lot more comfortable and it's much easier for me to hold her in place. My partner has been a bit nervous about holding baby on the potty and I think he'll be much more at ease now.

Thanks so much for making these products available, sending them so promptly and at such reasonable prices too. Much appreciated!

Courtney wrote:red star pants

Both my wife and I were impressed with your handwork on the nappies. Very nicely made and a great way of getting the inserts in. They fit R. very well around the waist and leg.

R loves wearing them. He’s just started asking to have his nappy changed after he wets them, so we may be on the cusp of a toilet training breakthrough. He loved the bright colours (fluoro yellow with fish, colourful cats, and orange with blobs), and treats them as special clothes.


tabwing liner

Mia wrote:

I just received my order of a Hearts Panty Liner from you. I wanted to let you know how much I love this little pad! I was looking for a trim, comfortable pad that had more absorbancy than flannel-only pads and some moisture esistance but still breathable. I wanted something that wouldn't slide around, but didn't bunch up my knickers. This tab-wing pad has all that! I love it!

Thanks so much.

dropflapsJen wrote:

Oh Marnie, the drop flap pants are fantastic.  I love love love them!  They are so cute, and so fuzzy and comfy, and they fit perfectly. Thank you thank you thank you for fitting us into your busy schedule.

five purple pads for ClaraClara wrote:

Thank you so much for the 100% cotton pads that you made for me, especially for using cotton thread as well, since my skin reacts so poorly to any synthetic fabrics and I have to use natural ones exclusively. These are perfect for me and the comfort is unbelievable compared to what I had to use before, not to mention being so much greener for the environment. I'll definitely be getting more as finances allow.

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