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More about EC

NappyFree! - by the talented Australian film-maker Nicole Moore who made the DVD, NappyFree!

EC Australia - a Facebook support group primarily for Australian and New Zealander parents, carers and others interested in EC.

BackUps - how to make Freddy's famous BackUps for EC. Written in German but photos are clear enough for monoglots to manage :-)

Cloth Nappies

Cloth Diaper Sewing 101 links - links to tutorials for all aspects of sewing nappies or diapers - fitteds, prefolds, covers, different styles including AIO, AI2, inserts, general information about sewing and sewing machines.


Jan Andrea's Sleeping Baby site - how to make slings and a variety of other handy baby items

Sources of DIY Supplies

Green Beans Australia - cloth nappy fabrics and everything else you need in the one spot to get you on your way making stylish, durable and environmentally friendly Modern Cloth Nappies.

Sling Rings - US based source of the best sling rings in both nylon and aluminium; the place to get large numbers of rings or if you want colours that I do not have in stock

Other Sites I Like

Attachment Parenting Australia - find local support groups and information about Attachment Parenting

The Swell Bump - personalised birth education guiding and educating you through pregnancy, labour, birth, and the first month of parenthood.

Email me to include your links in this page and to set up reciprocal linking.

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