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For some reviews of these books and DVDs click here.


Infant Potty Basics - Laurie Boucke

Infant Potty Training - Laurie Boucke

Diaper Free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene - Ingrid Bauer

The Diaper Free Baby - Christine Gross-Loh

Diaper Free Before Three - Jill M Lekovic

Early Start Potty Training - Linda Sonna


Potty Whispering - Laurie Boucke

Nappy Free! - Nicole Moore


Please email me with websites and online articles that you have found useful and interesting in your EC journey.

EC is a Quartet - a blog entry discussing the interaction between Baby Signals, Intuition, Generic Timing and Natural Timing and how to imporve your "Catch rate".

EC - How To post - Lana's summary of how to do EC with details of experiences with her family.

Online articles

Infant toilet training: An evidence-based guide by Gwen Dewar:  A review of EC with cultural references and also looking at medical and other academic literature. Quite positive, despite a comment suggesting that the communication of EC is solely around elimination.

Support Groups

Local Groups

DiaperFreeBaby.org has lists of local groups in a number of countries where you can find others in your area. Some run organised meetings, others are more like playgroups.

Facebook has local groups listed but finding them can be a challenge as many are closed or secret.

Yahoo groups

Elimination Communication - the "big list" - an international list of over 2000 members. Currently not very active but contains a vast store of very useful information, particularly in the links and files which gather nuggets of great information that have been shared by people over the past twelve years.

OzNappyFree - a support group predominantly for people of Australia and New Zealand interested in EC.

Facebook groups

Elimination Communication Community Support - a closed group

Elimination Communication Australia - a closed group