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Fabric Selections

For all my custom made items, you can make your choice of the fabric patterns or colours. The information for each product includes details of the fabrics which are most suitable to use.

Polar Fleece or polyester fleece

Polar (poly) fleece is suitable for the outer for OneWet Pants, DropFlap Pants, Pocket Pants etc, as moisture resistant backing for cloth pads for menstruation or mild incontinence,for potty and potty bowl covers, wrap skirts and open and split crotch pants.

PUL - Polyurethane Laminate

PUL is used for waterproofing applications for the outer of Pull On Pocket Pants, the hidden layer of OneWet Pants, the back or inside of cloth pads etc. I have a small range of plain and patterned PUL fabrics. Click here to see swatches of all these fabrics.

Organic Fabrics

I have a small range of organic fabrics in cotton interlock, bamboo velour, hemp/organic cotton and organic wool. Click here for swatches of these fabrics.

Cotton interlock

Plain or patterned cotton interlock is suitable for:

  • little underwear for babies and toddlers
  • open crotch and split crotch pants
  • outer for nonwaterproof OneWet Pants and cotton outer OneWet Pants

Cotton flannelette

Suitable for the tops of cloth pads, breast pads, inside OneWet Pants and OneWet Nappies. Click here for examples of some of my cotton flannelette fabrics.

Bamboo velour

Cotton velour

Click here to see a small range of the currently available cotton velour fabrics.

Cotton Prints

For the back of cloth pads and breast pads, I have an extraordinary range! My print varieties include (but are not limited to) florals and geometrics through to vegetables, spider man and a collection of butterflies and other insects.

Other Fabrics

I also have cotton corduroy, minkee, some woven wools and other fabrics for various items. A shipment of natural coloured wool interlock has recently arrived and is scrumptious!

If you have your heart set on something you don't see, I may have some stashed somewhere or be able to source it, so do ask.