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Cotton Interlock

This fabric is used for undies for boys and girls in Noonee Knickers, HalfPint pants and other styles, open crotch pants and for the two body layers of Summerweight OneWet Pants.

I have a variety of designs in 100% cotton interlock and cotton elastane/spandex blend (97% cotton, 3% elastane or spandex). Noonee Knickers are best made from cotton elastane/spandex because of the better recovery of the fabric.

All other items may be made from either 100% cotton interlock or the elastane/spandex blend.

In addition to the colours shown, there is also cream, white, black, natural organic interlock and small amounts of red flowers, butterflies and other miscellaneous fabrics that do not photograph very well and the colours do not show true.

There are too many swatches to show on a single page, so I have split them into two sections: plain and patterned.

Halfpint pants

Half pint pants

Noonee Knickers

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