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Breast Pads

Breastfeeding provides both you and your baby with numerous benefits. No matter where you are on your breastfeeding journey - not yet begun, well started, thinking about finishing, please read this article about the timing between feeds which explains why every baby-mother couple is different.

Noonee Wilga Breast Pads are washable and reuseable pads to absorb excess milk while nursing your baby and between feeds.

As every one has different requirements, I make several different styles of breast pads. Please note that all these pads have a flat fabric surface towards the body to avoid painful removal if they dry and stick to the skin. If you have a special request and would like something different again, please contact me to discuss it.

For more details about fabrics and absorbency etc, please see here.
small round breast pads

Small round breast pads

These are 10cm in diameter with your choice of backing fabric: white, black, lavender or fashion fabric. This style is popular for those with light to moderate need for absorbency and for those women with a smaller bust size. One layer of bamboo/organic cotton fleece, one layer of hemp/organic cotton jersey, backed with white, black, lavender or fashion fabric.

Please note that these breastpads do not include any waterproofing.

Price - from $7.50

Select pad backing:

Other information, including fashion fabric selection:

maxi and heavy duty breast pads

Maxi or heavy breast pads

These nursing pads are 12cm in diameter and you can choose waterproofing options below. These are best choice for women with heavy let down or large bust size.

Waterproof: 2 layers of bamboo fleece, PUL, white, black or lavender backing fabric - $9.00 per pair

Non-waterproof: 2 layers of bamboo fleece, no PUL, white, lavender or black backing - $8.50 per pair

Fashion fabric backing for these breastpads is an additional $1.00 per pair.

Select pad:

Other information, including fashion fabric selection:

Noonee Wilga wool nursing pad

Wool breast pads

There is nothing like wool for absorbency and comfort, particularly for breast pads. They are highly absorbent and soft enough to conform to the shape of your body, reducing visibility under clothing.

If you have two pairs of wool breast pads, you can air out one pair while wearing the other, reducing the amount of washing that you need to do.

Noonee Wilga wool breast pads are made of two layers of semi-felted NZ wool interlock in natural unbleached colour.


10 cm - $10 a pair

12 cm - $12 a pair

15 cm - $15 a pair

Select pad:
cloth pads for menstrual, post partum and mild incontinence use

Rhomboid breastpads

The rhomboid pads are largest of all, with a width of 14cm and a top to bottom measurement of 15cm. They have two layers of bamboo fleece and are backed with a layer of your choice of flannelette or fashion print fabric. If you select PUL for waterproofing, then it will be concealed beneath the backing layer of fabric.

Choose waterproofing, backing fabric and absorbency options below.

Price: from $10 a pair

Select pad:

Other information, including plain or fashion fabric selection:

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