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Little Underwear

It is very difficult to find well-fitting regular cotton underwear for petite children, toilet learning toddlers and EC babies. At Noonee Wilga you have a choice of baby underwear in two standard styles: HalfPint Pants (a bikini brief style) and Noonee Knickers (with fuller coverage). These tiny undies and jocks are made to measure for excellent fit for small toddlers and babies. Email me to discuss other styles such as boxers, boyleg, bloomers etc to fit your baby.

HalfPint Pants

HalfPint PantsHalfPint Pants are perfect for tiny underwear for EC babies and small children. They are made to measure - so you know they will fit. They are ideal for petite girls and boys who are toilet training and for babies who are doing elimination communication.

These undies are made from 100% cotton, 98% cotton/2% spandex with an all cotton gusset, or other fabrics that you choose. Some organic fabrics are available. The leg and waist elastic is fully encased for comfort and simple adjustment as your child grows.

Blue Panties - half pint pants baby underwear Plain fabric may be decorated with a bow, lace or small applique to the front or back if you wish.

Click here to link through to the fabrics which are currently available. Sizes will be made according to your requirements, from newborn to extra-large.

Price: $8.00 each


Fabric selections and other details (waist, thigh, rise measurements etc):

Noonee Knickers

Blue Noonee Knickers - cotton spandex baby underwear This style of underwear has more coverage than the briefer Half Pint Pants. They are wider across the bottom, thus eliminating wedgies. The standard style comes to the waist, but I am happy to reduce the rise if you prefer it  lower.

Noonee Knickers are made from 100% cotton, 98% cotton/2% spandex or other fabrics of your choice. The leg and waist bands are cotton-lycra or nylon lycra according to your preference. I have a wide range of fabrics available for making these knickers, and you can select from swatches through links on this page.

orange Noonee KnickersPrice: $10.00 each


Fabric selections:

Wool cover for Underwear or Training Pants

collection of Noonee Knickers

 Wool overpants are ideal for using as a cover over training pants or underwear. Note - they are not suitable for use over nappies or diapers due to the trim cut. Follow the link for more details and to order.