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aluminum sling rings bronze silver slate gold

Sling Rings

Aluminium sling rings in two sizes (medium and large) and four colours (bronze, gold, slate and silver). These are purpose made by slingrings.com; in stock and shipped to you from within Australia.

Medium sling rings are ideal for medium weight fabric, in widths of 65-80 cm. The rings have an inner diameter of 6.5cm and outer diameter of 7.5cm.

$8.00 per pair.

Large sling rings are good for heavier weight fabric or two layers of lighter fabric. They have an inner diameter of 7.5cm and an outer diameter of 9 cm. If you are using a heavy weight (winter weight) or heavy nap fabric, a very wide fabric(80cm-115cm/30"-45"), or have had difficulty adjusting your sling in the past, these would be best for you.

$9.00 per pair.

Select ring size:

Select ring colour:

aluminum sling rings black bronze silver slate gold

aluminum sling rings black bronze silver slate gold

Colours from left to right: bronze, gold, slate, silver.

How to sew a variety of slings yourself:
Jan Andrea's Baby Related Crafts

And did you know you can make no sew slings using a pair of sling rings? Here are some links that you may find helpful.

Sling rings can be used to simplify a number of wraps, especially back carries. See Dallas's brilliant roundup for tibetan, shepherd's carry, double hammock, rucksack carry and backwrap cross carry - with pictures and videos of how to do it yourself.

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