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onewet training Pants

Training pants in small sizes for babies doing elimination communication (EC) or babyled potty training and toilet training toddlers. Neat and trim fit with lightly elasticised waist and legs.

The outer layer is snuggly soft polar fleece or cool cotton interlock. Other fabrics, such as PUL or wool, can be used upon request. Prefer to make your own? Have a look at my sewing patterns.

Trainers made for a 3 month old will often fit till around 9 months; for a 6 month old - they will often last till 18 months; made for a 12 month old they are likely to fit for 1-2 years. Noonee Wilga training pants are durable - some are on their sixth owner and over ten years of regular use.

training Pants


Noonee Wilga training pants. Custom made to fit any size from premmie to three year old.

Sewn sides (easier for child to learn to handle) or
Side snaps (easier clean up in case of messy accident).
Bamboo/cotton fleece for absorbency
Waterproofing - PUL in the wet zone, or none

Outer fabric - fleece (plain, patterned) or cotton interlock

How to measure your child.

OneWet Pants - $20.00


Outer fabric:



Fabric choices and child's measurements:

Wool Over Pants

wool cover

Noonee Wilga wool over pants - to cover underwear or training pants. Not suitable as a nappy cover. Custom made to fit any size from premmie to three year old.

Sewn sides. One layer of unbleached, undyed merino interlock wool. Ribbing bands or elasticised waist and legs.  The rise on these pants is fairly high, coming to just under the belly button.

How to measure your child.

Wool over Pants - $25.00



Child's measurements:

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