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Placenta bag

silk placenta bag

red velvet placenta bag

If you are planning a Lotus Birth for your baby, you may want to have a special bag to hold the placenta during the Lotus period. If you do not have time or skills to make one yourself, then you can order a custom placenta bag for this purpose.

These bags feature a cover for the umbilical cord and are in two separate parts - a feature fabric outer bag and a plain inner one. Each part fastens with snaps (not hook loop or Velcro which can be rough on newborn soft skin) and the inner bag fits snugly inside the outer.  

placenta bag costs

If you prefer to provide your own fabric for the outer layer, I will line it with white muslin if necessary and include an inner bag of your choice of hemp/organic cotton french terry or cotton calico. Suitable fabrics include silk (as in the top image), velvet, quilters cotton, corduroy and so on. If you provide the fabric, you will need a piece approx 60cm x 112cm - or about 80 cm square. Please email me to discuss prior to placing your order.

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