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infant potty training

Written by Laurie Boucke; 3rd Edition published in 2008

380 pages. OUT OF STOCK

Infant Potty Training is an expanded version of the Infant Potty Basics book. In this book, the method used in much of Asia, Africa and South America has been adapted to the Western lifestyle in various ways, while still maintaining a natural and gentle approach. The word "training" is used in the positive sense of a loving exchange of communication and teaching/learning between mother and baby.

For this comprehensive, elaborate and exquisite tome, the author has scoured the world for proof that her infant potty training method really works...  and to the ultimate benefit of babies, parents and environment. The book contains stage-by-stage guidelines, amazing photos from around the world, testimonials by practicing mothers, medical opinions by doctors and pediatricians, guidelines for late-starters and much more.

infant potty training book cover

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