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open crotch Pants


These split pants are the Asian open crotch type known as kaidangku in China. There are two styles - one with an elasticated waist (top image) and the other with ties at the waist (middle image). The lower image shows a teddy bear wearing the tie style open crotch pants with a pad folded terry flat slipped into the opening.

The tie version provides a more adjustible waist sizing, and is particularly suited for newborn to six months or so of age. The elastic waist is quicker to put on an older baby and the elastic means that you do not need a separate prefold belt if you choose to thread a nappy or prefold into the pants.

Provide your baby's waist and leg measurements for completion of the semi-custom fit of these pants. For babies with a shorter leg length, the cuff may be turned up.

These pants will be made up according to your order.

Split crotch pants can be made from soft cotton interlock, polar fleece or wool interlock. If you are not sure which fabric to choose, email me to discuss.

Click for fabric swatches of fleece, interlock and wool. Then remember to enter your fabric choices and baby's measurements in the text box below.

Cotton interlock open crotch pants (kaidangku): $12.50 each.

Fleece open crotch pants: $15.50 each

Wool open crotch pants: $20.00 each

Fabric, measurements and style selections for Open Crotch Pants (Kaidangku):

open crotch pants for babies

open crotch pants for babies with tie

prefold tucked in tied open crotch pants

Open crotch pants