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Potty Cover

Protect bare legs and bottoms from cold plastic during autumn, winter and spring. Suitable for the Baby Bjorn Little Potty, Baby Bjorn Smart Potty, Dymples, Little Turtle and other similar small potties. If you require the cover for an IKEA potty, please let me know as the dimensions are slightly different. If you have a different brand of potty, please check with me for dimensions and suitability before ordering.

Fleece potty cover - made of soft polyester fleece - hydrophobic so moisture is not absorbed, and if it becomes soiled and needs to be washed, the cover dries quickly.

Price: $15.00.

Organic cotton fleece potty cover - a natural fibre alternative. Colours: black, grey marle.

Price: $20.00.

potty cover
Fleece potty cover

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