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Discreet Split Pants

These pants have an open crotch, but they overlap to provide more warmth and coverage, unlike the true Open Crotch Pants. These are kaidangku for modesty!

Provide your baby's age, waist and leg measurements for completion of the semi-custom fit. For babies with a shorter leg length, the cuff may be turned up.

These pants will be made up according to your order.

Discreet Split Crotch Pants can be made out of soft cotton interlock or polar fleece. Choose cotton for a natural cool fabric or polar fleece for a snug fabric that does not absorb moisture.

I have a wide range of fleece fabrics currently in stock. Click here to find different fabrics and then links to swatches. 

Fabric selections for cotton Split Crotch Pants:

Cotton interlock split crotch pants: $15.00 each

Fabric selections for fleece Split Crotch Pants:

Fleece split crotch pants: $20.00 each


Discreet split crotch pants

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