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Wrap Skirt/Cover

fleece wrap skirt cover
Wrap cover on a 6 month old boy

wrap skirt cover
Wrap cover on a 4yo

wrap skirt on a tall 7 year old

Fleece wrap cover on a 7 yo girl

Wrap Skirt/Covers are unique to Noonee Wilga and will feature in your daughter's wardrobe from birth to three or four years old, although my 7 year old also likes to dance in hers. For your sons, a similar fleece wrap kilt in plain or checked fabric is very cool!

For an infant, the Wrap Skirt/cover provides toasty warmth from waist to toes while still allowing quick pottying and easy nappy changes. The cross-over wrap lies at the back for double protection from moisture from the nappy.

There are no fiddly snaps or hook-loop fastenings required to remove or replace a nappy. Just raise the skirt and swap out a wet or dirty one.

The snap fastenings at the waist of the Wrap Skirt/Cover provide easy removal when necessary and encased buttonhole elastic enables a perfect fit for any size up to 55 cm waist.

The hydrophobic properties of fleece or wool protect your lap, sling or bedding so no additional nappy cover is required.

Once your daughter is walking, the Wrap Skirt/Cover becomes a dress or skirt and continues to provide warmth and access for quick pottying. The wrap flap can be worn at front or back, depending on your daughter's preference.


Wrap Skirt/Covers are one size, however I am happy to make them to measure if you prefer so there is no difficulty in fitting a particularly chunky or tall infant.

Fabric choices

I recommend wool or polyester fleece for their hydrophobic properties. Wool is a natural fibre but requires a little more care when washing. The synthetic poly fleece is easy to care for but isn't natural. Contact me by email if you would like to discuss which would be more suitable for your baby.

I have a wide range of fleece fabrics currently in stock. Click for fabric swatches for plain and patterned fleece. These links will open in a new browser window so you won't lose your place here.

Wool fabric is out of stock, but if you have wool clothing that you would like me to repurpose into this item, please email me.

If you select a fleece wrap skirt/cover, please include your choice of colour/pattern fabric in the comments in the shopping cart.

Fleece Wrap Skirts/Covers are $30 each.

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