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Flannelette is ideal for the tops of cloth pads, liners and breast pads. It is 100% cotton so is a beautifully absorbent and natural material. These images show some of the range of cotton flannelette that I have available. Select from these or email me if you would like to see a larger image of any particular designs.

If you require completely natural fibre items, upon request I can also use 100% cotton thread for the stitching (limited colour range).

Being a natural fibre, flannelette can stain, though many women find that rinsing well or soaking or using stain removers such as hydrogen peroxide etc keeps them looking new. See these care instructions for recommendations on washing procedures.

Please note, I have limited amounts of these fabrics, so select an extra one or two designs in case your first choice is not available in sufficient amounts to make up your items.

Swatches of blue toned flannelette

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Image 1 - cotton flannelette


Image 2 - cotton flannelette


Image 3 - cotton flannelette