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Half a Stash

Noonee Wilga cloth pad "Half a Stash" Pack - two packs of these pads rounds out a wonderful complete stash for full time cloth pad use.

Sample of a "Half a Stash" Pack
Fabrics and colours will vary so ask for your preferred colour range!

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Price: $65.00

Half a stash - Pad and liner Pack

This pack of Noonee Wilga pads includes six pads in a variety of lengths and absorbency so that you can try them out. This collection contains pads suitable for heavy, moderate and light flow for menstrual use or for mild urinary incontinence and is an excellent way to begin part-time cloth pad use. I would recommend at least twelve pads for a full time stash, though I do know women who get by on this many by washing out each pad immediately upon changing it and hanging to dry so that it is ready for use again the next day.

These pads and liners are turned and topstitched for durability and comfort, fasten with polyacetal resin snaps. Some are backed with a polar fleece moisture resistant layer; others have a waterproof PUL layer concealed within the pad. The top layer may include examples of cotton velour, bamboo velour and minkee. If you have any preference for the fabrics, please include details in the message box in the shopping cart, or email me separately.

* 1 x 19cm amphora - light days, midcycle liner

* 2 x 25cm amphora - 2 layers of hemp/organic cotton - light nights, light to moderate day, liner

* 2 x 28cm amphora pad - 3 layers of hemp/organic cotton - good for nights and moderate to heavy days

* 1 x 33cm amphora double snap pad - 3 layers of hemp/organic cotton - good for nights and moderate to heavy days or for post partum use.

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