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Quick dry pads

A soft flannelette booster is held in a trim moisture-proof holder. This style of pad is great for light flow days when you can refold the booster several times for a fresh surface and for travel when you need something which will wash easily and dry overnight.  It is also very convenient for post-partum use as you can select the amount of absorbency that you need and reduce as required.

Each Quick Dry Pad comes with a flannelette booster that you can fold for six layers of absorbency. If this is not enough, then you can add another booster or use any other absorbent fabric such as cotton interlock or even a wash cloth. Just ensure that it will be comfortable to be worn against your body.

The holder is black poly/cotton interlock on top and bottom for its quick drying properties.  If you would prefer a patterned fabric on the bottom, make your selection from my fabric choices and include details in Other Information, below. A full layer of waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) is sandwiched between the interlock layers.


Other information, including fabric selection:


Extra booster - $2.00

quick dry pad
Top of the quick dry pad with the folded booster slipped under straps to hold it in place.

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