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Foot Press Conversion

I set a lot of snaps for the cloth pads, nappies, snappy animals and training pants that I make. I used to put the snap press on a low table or the floor and use my weight to set the snaps. It hurt my hands when I did a lot of snaps so I rigged up a handle cover to make it softer. That was better but still not great.

Then I heard of a co-op doing a snap press buy which made the price a lot more reasonable, along with a bunch of snaps, so I got another press so I could have one set up dedicated to studs and the other for sockets. That was great and saved a fair bit of time as I no longer had to swap out the dies each time I went from one to the other.

It was still hard on the hands and shoulders. So when I stumbled on a tutorial on a diaper making forum for setting up a press to be operated by foot I was very interested. That tutorial explained how to use a sawhorse or workbench for the structure upon which the press was bolted.

I had two presses so I worked out another way to set them up that works very well for me. You can use a similar set up for a single snap press, of course, and continue to switch the dies as required. Or you can buy another press!

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