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Drop Flap Pants

These training pants, based on the popular OneWet Pants style, are ideal for young babies doing elimination communication. The front flap can be undone for easy pottying, without the whole of the pants falling off and there is no need to pull them down. In cold weather this is particularly handy if the DropFlaps are worn over the top of open crotch pants. The baby stays warm, the pants stay on and pottying is simple.

DropFlap pants are most useful for baby boys who are not yet mobile. Once they are moving then most people find the side snap or classic OneWet Pants to be more practical.

DropFlap Pants have the following features:

* soft 100% cotton inner layer against the skin in the crotch area (or suedecloth if you choose a feel dry surface)

* a fully enclosed waterproof layer of PUL in the crotch provides protection from embarrassing waterfalls and puddles on the floor (unless you prefer no PUL)

* fully elasticised waist and legs

* made to measure for perfect fit for any size of baby and toddler

*polyacetal resin snaps fastenings


DropFlap OneWet Pants have a polar fleece outer body - as fleece does not absorb moisture, there is little danger of wicking into other clothing but they should still be changed as soon as possible after an accident to help the child to stay dry.  Any of these styles can also be made with PUL outer for a trimmer training pant, however this is not as soft, cuddly or underwear-like. If you prefer all natural fibres, the outer can be made with wool interlock with snap in absorbency or the outer layers can be made with cotton interlock.


Made to measure which means that there is no difficulty in fitting a particularly skinny or chunky infant.

To ensure good fit, I request measurements of the child's waist, hip, thigh and straddle/rise (from belly button, down between legs and up to centre back waist). Young children move a lot so can be very difficult to measure easily so further information about the age and approximate weight of the child helps to confirm the measurements.Include your child's measurements in the comments section of the shopping cart.

If you have a special request for a different style or fabric etc, please email me to discuss. marnie@nooneewilga.com

DropFlap Pants - $25.00

DropFlap OneWet Pants

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