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Potty Bowl Cover

These potty bowl covers protect bare legs and bottom from the cold hardness of the plastic rim and make it more comfortable at any time of the year - and particularly in the colder months.

The cover can be placed on the potty bowl with the keyhole upwards to avoid getting splashes on the fabric - or it can be used the other way over for complete coverage of the rim of the bowl.

Potty bowl covers are made from fleece, wool, cotton interlock and hemp/cotton blend.

Fleece potty bowl covers are very popular as the hydrophobic nature of the fabric means that moisture is not absorbed, and if it becomes soiled and needs to be washed, the cover dries quickly. Price is $8.00.

Wool potty bowl covers can be lanolised or used as is. I have a natural coloured thick interlock wool fabric that is most suitable. Price is $10.00.

If you prefer other fibres, please email me to discuss.

Fleece Potty Bowl cover ($8.00 each):

Wool Potty Bowl cover ($10.00 each):

potty bowl cover
Fleece potty bowl cover

potty bowl cover whole
Wool potty bowl cover - rim completely covered
potty bowl cover open sided
Potty bowl cover - rim partly exposed

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