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Half pint pants

The perfect tiny underwear for EC babies, toddlers and small children. They are made to measure - so you know they will fit. They are ideal for petite girls and boys who are toilet training and for babies who are doing elimination communication or baby-led potty training.

These undies are made from 100% cotton, cotton/lycra or other fabrics that you choose. Some organic fabrics are available. The leg and waist elastic is fully encased for comfort and simple adjustment as your child grows. The crotch is two layers with 100% cotton interlock on the inside, or you may select a layer of bamboo fleece on top.

Click here to link through to the fabrics which are currently available. Sizes will be made according to your requirements, from newborn to approx size 3. Please make sure to include the measurements for your little one.

Add to the shopping cart and then you can change the quantity you require.

Price: $10.00 each

Fabric selections and other details (waist, thigh, rise measurements etc):

HalfPint Pants

Blue Panties - half pint pants baby underwear
turtle undies

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