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Washable cloth pads: menstrual, post partum and mild incontinence use

So you'd like to try out cloth pads - but the variety of styles, lengths, absorbency, waterproofing, fabrics and everything is sooo confusing!!

First - what sort of fabric would you prefer to wear against your body?

  • Synthetic - feel drier, may be hotter to wear, less likely to stain: eg microfleece, minkee, suedecloth and athletic wicking jersey.
  • Natural - cooler to wear, can stain more easily: eg cotton flannelette, organic cotton, cotton velour, bamboo velour, pinwale and regular corduroy.

I have a range of different colours of fabrics, so let me know your favourites and I will try to make up your liners and pads accordingly. If you would like to choose your own tops and backs for the pads, have a look at all the fabric choices here. Warning - this can be a bit overwhelming!!

Had problems with other brands of cloth pads? Follow these tips for success:

* 1:  wear snug, not stretched out briefs/bikini-style underwear. Boyleg and shorts style undies are more difficult to keep a pad in place.

* 2:, select pads that are a suitable crotch width. 6-7cm is good. If the snapped width of the pads you currently have is wider than this, try safety pinning them tighter.

* 3: try longer pads such as 25cm rather than very short - I have a customer who prefers 33cm liners as she finds that they are more comfortable for her. Take advantage of my customisable options.

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