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Cloud pads

These are the lightest, quickest drying pads that I make.They have an upper body of two layers of flannelette (or other fabric as requested of which one must be a woven) with an oval shaped PUL piece attached at front and back for waterproofing. A booster can be placed between the upper pad and the PUL according to the absorbency that you require. One bifold booster of hemp/organic cotton french terry is included with each pad. Extra boosters are available separately.

Select your choice of flannelette, corduroy or other fabric for this pad and enter it in the Other Information box. The colour of the PUL will be selected to complement the other fabric.

Select pad length:      

Other information, including fabric selection:

Extra booster - $2.00

cloud quick dry pad
Top of the cloud quick dry pad

cloud snapped bottom view.

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