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Long and heavy flow pads

Noonee Wilga cloth pads for heavy menstrual flow, immediately post partum use and mild incontinence are hand made for you in Australia according to your requirements for shape, length, absorbency, waterproofing and fabrics.

shape and length

These pads have wide wings that snap around the crotch of your underwear to reduce leakage onto clothing and to keep the pads in place without sliding sideways or back and forth. Choose a length that suits you. For early post partum use, pads of 33cm and longer are recommended. Afterwards they are great for night time use.


Pads for heavy flow are generally made with three layers of hemp/organic cotton which balances the absorbency with ease of cleaning and a reasonable time to dry completely.

If you like these longer pads for liners or for moderate absorbency, then select one or two layers of hemp according to your needs.


Most people choose a complete layer of concealed PUL for waterproofing in pads for post partum or heavy menstrual flow.

Others find that a polar fleece backing for the pad is sufficient for moisture resistance and it is also more breathable.


Choose from a variety of lovely fabrics for the upper surface of the pad (against your body) and the lower surface (which sits against your underwear). There is a comprehensive discussion of the different fabrics here within my Cloth Pad FAQ.

Recommended fabrics:

Upper surface: Bamboo velour, cotton velour, Flannelette,
minkee, corduroy

Lower surface: Polar fleece (plain, pattern), cotton print

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