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Noonee Wilga
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Noonee Wilga Drop Flap Pants

The home sewing pattern for Noonee Wilga DropFlap Pants contains the pattern in three sizes and comprehensive sewing instructions including colour photographs of every step. The pattern and instructions will be emailed to you within 24 hours of clearance of your payment so you can begin sewing your own DropFlap Pants today!

DropFlap Pants are the same trim style of training pants as OneWet Pants - with one difference. When it is potty time, the front flap of the pants drops down while they remain attached around the waist.

These training pants are perfect for wearing over the top of open crotch pants in coooler conditions or on their own when it is warm. Recommended for non-mobile babies, particularly boys up to about two years old. However if this is your first foray into making training pants, I would recommend the OneWet Pants pattern as a more flexible and simpler solution.

Price - $12.00 includes the pattern and complete instructions

Delivery by email.

DropFlap Training Pants

DropFlap OneWet Pants sewing pattern and tutorial

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