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OneWet training Pants

Make your own training pants using this pattern and comprehensive sewing instructions.

This includes the pattern for these very popular training pants in three sizes (3-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months) and comprehensive sewing instructions including colour photographs of every step. The pattern and instructions are in PDF format and will be emailed to you upon purchase so you can begin sewing your own OneWet Pants today!

Complete details for modifying the pattern to fit your child are included. Instructions are given for both classic and sidesnapping versions of these Training Pants. 

The pattern prints on only two sheets of paper so there are no huge jigsaw puzzles to put together!

Cost is $12.00

One customer said:
"Success! (see photo). Marnie, your instructions are excellent, as I'm not the most accomplished sewer around."
Sewn by beginner from OWP pattern
OneWet Pants sewing pattern and tutorial

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