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Happy Baby, Happy Family

Happy baby in tube sling

How to choose a baby carrier

The Baby Wearer has a lot of information about different styles of carriers and a guide to choosing one that will suit you and your baby. Join the Australian Baby Wearing support group on FB for similar assistance.

How to wear a baby carrier

You can find lots of ways of wearing slings and wraps by online searching - and don't forget to browse Youtube as well.

If you can make it to a sling meet you will always find people willing to help you sort out a new carry. And if you can't, then a visit to a Baby Wearing support group is sure to help you on your way!

but i've got twins!

Twins in a tandem hip carryWith twins or more, how often do you find that they both (or all) want - or need - to be held at the same time.

There are a number of Youtube videos showing how to carry twins at the same time. One of the easiest ways is a tandem hip carry.

This is the "Jasmin's tandem hip carry" and you can find detailed clips of how to make and wear the carry online.

Amanda and her delightful twins are demonstrating the carry. She used a long wrap and a pair of large sling rings that she bought here.

Baby Carriers that we like

make your own baby carrier

You can make your own wrap, sling, pouch or other carrier, even if you are not an expert with the sewing machine. An extensive source of links to sew or improvise a baby carrier is given at The Babywearer and you can easily find others using a search engine.

Sewn Ring Sling

Some fabric, a straight stitch sewing machine and a little time is all that is needed to make yourself a tube sling or mei tai. With a pair of sling rings, you can quickly make your own ring sling.

Jan Andrea's wonderful Sleeping Baby website has links to a number of good tutorials for making yourself a baby carrier.

No Sew Ring Sling

It is possible to make a ring sling without any sewing - you just need about 2.25 metres of fabric and a pair of sling rings. Check Sling Your Baby for full details on how to do it.

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