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Ring Slings

The ring sling is my favourite baby carrier - it is infinitely adjustable, light to carry, easy to nurse in, flexible in carrying positions (at least 7 that I can think of off the top of my head), cool in hot Australian summers and I make them in lots of fantastic fabrics! Different positions make carrying any baby from newborn to toddler comfortable and convenient. Here are some excellent carrying instructions from Breeze Baby. Make sure to scroll down the page so you don't miss any carries.

I can make you a ring sling from your choice of fabric - either supplied by you or obtained by me from the huge range carried by either of my two local fabric stores. If you already have some fabric which you would like turned into a sling, then please email me to discuss its suitability for the purpose.

Basically, any woven fabric can be used for a ring sling. I prefer 100% cotton for natural fibre comfort, but cotton poly blends are also suitable. As you are entrusting the safety of your child to the fabric, it must be strong - so loose weaves such as gauze are generally not recommended. Cotton drill and quilters cottons are very suitable for slings and come in a wonderful range of colours.

Wrap Conversion to Ring Sling

If you have a woven wrap, such as Oscha, Girasol, Didymos etc, that you would like to have converted to a ring sling for quicker use particularly with a toddler, then I can make it for you using either a pleated or gathered shoulder treatment. Email me for the address to ship your wrap (or other fabric). Please note that a minimum length of 2.3 metres is required.

Sling Pricing

Ring sling - from fabric in stock


Ring sling - you provide the fabric - min 2.3 m length


This is a custom made ring sling from a wonderful gradient dyed cotton fabric.

Custom made ring sling

nursing in ring sling

Nursing your baby on the go is easy in a ring sling!

Wonderfully clear images and description showing how to wear an Oscha ring sling to carry an infant.

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