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Pouch and Tube Slings

A pouch is our favourite sling for any time we want to snuggle. It is simple to put on, easy to nurse in, very light to carry and fairly flexible for carrying positions. I have a stretch cotton pouch for summer days and a polar fleece one for cooler weather. With a well-fitting pouch sling, it is possible to carry a newborn or a big toddler - even a five year old if necessary!

Pouch Pricing

Stretch Pouch


Stretch Pouch - you provide the fabric


Please note, pouches must fit well to be comfortable. As different fabrics have different amounts of stretch and it is not possible for me to predict how much, I will only make stretch pouch slings if you can come by for a fitting.

pouch slings are so easy to pop on and go. Comfortable for baby to sleep in as well!
A two year old pretending to sleep!

even a five year old likes to snuggle in the sling sometimes!
Even a five year old enjoys a snuggle in a sling sometimes!

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