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OneWet Pants,
Pull On Pocket Pants,
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EC books and DVDs

EC clothing:

open crotch pants,
kai dang ku,
fleece wrap/skirt,
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Baby Carriers:

slings, pouches
wraps, sling rings


Ribbon wands,
knitted toys,
doll slings,
tag toys




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tag toys

Organic Cotton Tag Toys

Noonee Wilga knit mermaid

Noonee Wilga Knitted Toys

toy sling

Dandelionz Kid-size Slings

ribbon wand - lovely toy for a child
Ribbon wands

Kid-size DANDELIONZ slings

Kid-size slings encourage a sense of nurturing.
DANDELIONZ Kid-size Slings features:

  • Lovely fabric choices
  • Fully lining in complementary colours
  • Gently elasticised at the front and back keeps contents secure
  • Ideal capacity - fits most dolls and soft toys comfortably
  • One-size fits most (specifically 2-6 years)
  • SAFE snap fastening system. EASY to fasten and undo

Other uses include a carrier for treasures found at the beach and on nature walks.

The images below show in stock Kid-size slings. If you would like a different colour combination of fabrics for your Kid-size sling, please email me and I can make one specially for your child. Note that these make wonderful gifts for the older sibling of a newborn sling-carried baby.

Navy blue dots on the outside with rich navy lining.

Price: $20

Retro pastel design outer sling with gorgeous red lining.

Price: $20

Tag Toys

These cotton bodied tag toys are machine washable in cold water and may be tumble dried. Contact me if you would like dragonfly or turtle toys made up according to your requirements. I have several organic cotton fabrics to choose from, though unfortunately no more textured fabrics like the one shown below.

Turtle with organic cotton red weave body.

Price: $15

Noonee Wilga Knitted Toys

Pocket sized knitted toys - highly portable to encourage imaginative play anywhere. Please note that your mermaid will be made upon receipt of your order. No two will be exactly alike and some customisation in terms of colour of eyes, skin, hair and tail scales may be made upon email request.

I also make knitted and crochet finger puppets so if you would like to view others that I have made, please email me.

This small knitted mermaid nestles in the palm of an adult hand and tucks very easily into a child's pocket. She is ready to participate in imaginative play anywhere, any time.

Price: $25.00

Noonee Wilga Ribbon Wands

These ribbon wands, also known as ribbon sticks, are favourite toys for toddlers and preschoolers. They give hours of fun as children spin and dance and twirl and swirl with these ribbons flying behind them. Ribbon wands are made by my eleven year old daughter.

ribbon wand stick toy

ribbon wand coloursThe wooden handle of the ribbon wand is 30cm long and the ribbon is about 3m. This is perfect for children up to about 125cm. Taller children may prefer a 4m ribbon. Ribbons currently available in blue, yellow, red and pink. Please include your choice of ribbon colour in a message in the shopping cart.

Price: $10.00 each

If you have any questions about these items or would like to request customised items please contact us by email.